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Robert Dale Clark
05-06-1997, 03:28 AM
Hi all,
This is a little late, but thanks to those who replied about "shopping for
a treadmill."
Here is a summary of responses. And we have decided to spend about $10K
and buy a Quinton (I originally posted that we wanted to spend only about
$4K...I know, not realistic...)

Bob Clark
Dept. of Kinesiology LSU

That price range won't buy you much in a treadmill. As the former sports
medicine and fitness director for the USMC/USN, we went through treadmills
every month or so. The best by far is the Quinton @ $25,000, a little out of

For durability as well as reliability, check into the Precor and/or Life
Fitness machines. They should do what you want and should be around $5,000.

Ron Gerughty, DDS, PhD
Orlando, FL

One option is to try the Biodex RTM III treadmill which I believe is in
that price range.
The nice features are
very slow to fairly fast speeds
nice display
rs-232 input for control of treadmill (!)

We have two of them and are quite happy.

Contact Biodex Medical Systems in New York. I don't have the number at my
finger tips right now but if the information above doesn't help contact
them, drop me an e-mail.

>From barrett4@netcom.ca Tue Apr 1 03:07:04 1997

We have been having great success with Quinton treadmills in our athletic club (Quinton is

the leader in medical treadmills as well as the commercial units)

these machines average about 10 hours per day and have been very reliable. Stay

away from Universal treadmills.

I hope that helps you out.

Lance Barrett

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>From rkram@socrates.berkeley.edu Tue Apr 1 17:37:49 1997
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i have not seen anything i like for $3-4k especially if you want to do
running. most are too weak, not enough inertia. for about 6-7k you can
get a trackmaster, quinton or parker.

motor HP is not the whole story but more is better. i have been doing
experiments with flywheels and the inertia makes a big difference in terms
of constant belt speed. i am using a Quinton 18-60 that was made in 1969
(when i was only 8 years old!). nobody makes them like that anymore, a
real reliable tank.

it is easy to rent treadmills now. try before you buy?

Rodger Kram

Assistant Professor

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>From Cybrbaer@qnet.com Tue Apr 1 21:24:46 1997
Hi Robert,
Give Kevin Shaw from Fitness Outlet at 714-472-2334. Kevin can provide
you with a rebuild Star Trac treadmill they are very good. The rebuilt
ones are warranted and are completely redone even the motor you can buy
a treadmill like the Star Trac which goes for $8,000 for somewhere
around $3,000. If you prefer new let me know. Keep in mind new and
suitable will run you around $6,000 to $10,000. I would only buy
commercial grade. I recently sold my health club a 16,000sqft facility
so I been through the treadmill ordeal. Good luck. Tell Kevin Ron Baer
recomended you, he will give you a good deal.
---------Ron Baer acsm,nasm,ace, ATP Professional Training------------

From: "Carol Giuliani"

We purchased A BIODEX treadmill about 4 years ago and have been very pleased.
At the time it was the only one on the market within our price range(4,700).
We were specially interested in use for a clinic population so slow speed was
It starts from dead stop and smootly increases speed to 8 mph forward., 3 mph
backward, and ramps to 15 degrees. We also got a velocity profile on the belt
with a 190 lb subject, and it maintains a smooth speed during gait. The low
floor profile was attractive and an easy step for patients.
Have not looked around recenlty.
Good luck with your search. Robert Dale Clark

Carol Giuliani, PhD, Associate Professor
Division of Physical Therapy CB # 7135
Human Movement Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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