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Jan Douglas-morris
05-08-1997, 05:05 PM
Dear List Members,

Below is a summary of the responses to my request posted on April 28 about
surface EMG in recent or repaired hamstring strain. The original request
is first repeated.

I wish to publicly thank the list members who responded to the original
request. If anyone else can provide information about asymmetry of
hamstring function/surface EMG post injury to the muscle itself (strain),
we would be happy to hear from you.

Jan Douglas-Morris
On April 28, I sent the following message to the list server:
>Dear List Members,
>This request is on behalf of an Honours student in the Physiotherapy
>program, Jeff Flood. Jeff is researching asymmetry of hamstrings function
>between limbs and changes to hamstrings function post hamstring injury
>(recent or long-healed muscle strain) using surface electromyography. Any
>article on post-muscle injury and emg would be helpful. Jeff, after much
>searching, has not had much success in locating research articles in this
>area and would greatly appreciate any help members of the list can offer
>as to appropriate reference material/previous research work undertaken
>etc. He has used Medline and Science Citation Index. The Biomech list
>archives have also been searched. So far, only one article on asymmetry
>of function in normal hamstrings (by Pierotti et al 1991 J.Orthop Resrch)
>has been found.
>Please reply to the email address below. Summaries of replies will be
>posted as usual.
>Thanking you in advance for your help
>Jan Douglas-Morris
The following replies were received in addition to several requests from
other list members to pass on any information that we received:

1. Sandy Curwin, PhD, PT, Bangor, Maine (curwin@husson.husson.edu)
suggested contacting Dr. W.T. Stauber of West Virginia University, USA to
discuss this issue as Dr. Stauber has done research in this area.
One reference suggested: Stauber, WT: Repair Models and Specific Tissue
Responses in Muscle Injury. Ch. 11 in: Sports-Induced Inflammation.
Leadbetter WB, Buckwalter JA, Gordon SL (eds.) American Academy of
Orthopaedics Surgeons, Park Ridge, IL, 1989.

2. from Louis R. Osternig of the University of Oregon, Eugene, USA
several references relating hamstrings function to anterior cruciate
ligament function: Osternig, L. R., James, C. R., and Bercades, D.
Eccentric knee flexor torque following anterior cruciate ligament surgery.
Medicine and
Science in Sports and Exercise, 28:1229-1234, 1996; and Osternig, L.R.,
Caster, B., and James, C.R. Contralateral hamstring co-activation patterns
in anterior cruciate ligament dysfunction. Medicine and Science in Sports
and Exercise, 27:805-808, 1995.

3. from Gunter Siegmund, MacInnis Engineering Associates, Richmond, BC, Canada
"Though not related to hamstrings, Boquet and Boismare found asymmetry
between EMG of the left and right trapezius muscles in whiplash patients.
The citation is: Boquet J & Boismare F (1982). Etude physiopathologique du
syndrome cervical post-traumatique. Role du tonus vegetatif. Rev F Dommage
Corpor 8:397-410"

Thank you for these responses. The Honours student is yet to follow up the
first response. If someone has Dr. Stauber's email address we would be
grateful to receive it. We have the postal address.

Jan Douglas-Morris


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