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The Kinetic Lab
05-12-1997, 06:09 AM
The Center for Human Kinetic Studies (CHKS), Mary Free Bed Hospital/Grand
Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan has an opening for a
full-time kinesiologist or physical therapist with a creative and
innovative mind, strong interpersonal skills, and ability to work in a
collaborative environment.

The position requires a master's degree and minimum of three years
experience with three-dimensional motion analysis. Preference will be
given to candidates with pediatric experience. Candidates should have
knowledge of kinematic, kinetic and electromyographic hardware and
software, experience in data processing and analysis/graphical display,
research experience, and database management. Additional duties may
include monitoring day-to-day lab operations, marketing, quality
assurance/risk management, working with graduate physical therapy and
undergraduate engineering students, and research projects. Salary is
commensurate with experience.

The CHKS' mission is to promote independence for people with gait and
movement disorders through objective analysis, education and research.
The lab functions as a clinical testing facility for patients with walking
dysfunctions (primarily cerebral palsy) and a clinical research and
educational center for clinicians, faculty and graduate physical therapy
and undergraduate engineering students from Grand Valley State University.
Grand Valley State University has a student population of 15,000 and
houses several health-related programs. Grand Rapids, the second largest
city in Michigan located 30 miles east of Lake Michigan, has
well-established acute and rehabilitation hospitals and is recognized in
the State for its leadership in education, business and medicine. Mary
Free Bed Hospital and Rehabilitation Center has a 100-year history of
providing adult and pediatric inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation
services for the Western half of Michigan.

Please do not reply to this email address.

Send your resume/curriculum vitae: Mary Free Bed Recruiting Department,
235 Wealthy SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49503.

Please do not send application materials to the Center for Human
Kinetic Studies, as they will not be processed. Thank you.