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05-12-1997, 08:26 PM
Does anyone know of any studies that have used fracture mechanics
concepts to predict and/ or analyse fractures of bones?

My initial study of the literature has confirmed my impression that
while there have been a number of studies of the fracture properties
of bone (notably by Bonfield et al., Melvin and Evans and Norman et
al.), there have been few serious attempts to use the measured
properties to predict actual fractures. In fact, apart from an
intriguing paper by Taylor, presented at Fatigue '94 (?), which
argued that fatigue processes could provide a controlling mechanism
for bone remodelling, I don't know of any successful attempts to use
fracture mechanics to predict or understand actual clinical
fractures of bones.

Why have fracture mechanics concepts not been more widely used in
this context? I can think of plenty of possible reasons myself- what is
your opinion?

Thank you very much for your help,

Best wishes,


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