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Daniel Wolpert (institute Of Neurology)
05-14-1997, 06:55 PM
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The Sobell Department of Neurophysiology at the Institute of Neurology
is seeking a PhD student to fill an MRC studentship which starts
September 1997. The project will investigate sensorimotor integration
and planning in human motor control involving both psychophysical and
computational approaches. As the funding is from the MRC only British
citizens are eligible for the stipend.


Wolpert,Ghahramani & Jordan (1995). An internal model is used in
sensorimotor integration. Science 269:1880-1882

Ghahramani & Wolpert (1997). Modular decomposition in visuomotor
learning. Nature 386:6623:392-395

For further information please contact:

Dr. Daniel Wolpert
Sobell Dept. of Neurophysiology
Institute of Neurology
Queen Square Tel +44 (171) 837-3611 x4183
London WC1N 3BG Fax +44 (171) 813-3107
United Kingdom Email wolpert@hera.ucl.ac.uk
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