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Frans Van Der Helm
05-14-1997, 08:26 PM
In the famous Multiple Muscle Systems book (edited by Jack Winters
and Savio Woo, published by Springer-Verlag), probably one of the
most used chapters was the appendix written by Gary Yamaguchi and
co-authors. They compiled a number of studies about morphological
data in tables, categorized by region and by muscle, to be used for
musculoskeletal modelling. The following categories were used:

1) Lower extremity musculature
2) Trunk musculature
3) Upper extremity musculature
4) Hand musculature
5) head and neck musculature

Each morphological study was shortly described first, so that the
data could be interpreted in the right way.

Soon, a similar book edited by Jack Winters and Pat Crago will
appear. On multiple request, a similar appendix will be
incorporated, though it will only contain the description of the
studies, the data will be placed on a web-site, accessible to all.
This enterprise is parallel to wishful thinking (and thus encouraged) by
the International Society of Biomechanics.
Jack Winters asked me to set up the website, and try to compile the
appendix. The idea of the website is as follows: The short
description of the study will be placed there, and a link is given
to a website of the authors of the study with the full set of data,
and maybe more information. The authors can be contacted directly by
interested potential users, and keep 'responsibility' for their own
data. The data are only to be used for non-commercial purposes, and
the authors are advised to put a written statement with confirmation
to their conditions on their website.
The data compiled by Yamaguchi et al. will be put on the website
anyway. I realize that there exist some 'old' data, of which the
authors can not be contacted anymore, and might be just copied from
the original papers.

Since the previous book, some more morphological studies have been
published, and it might even be that Yamaguchi et al. missed a few.
Therefore, I have the following request for this COMBINATION of
information, preferably given by the authors themselves (though e-
mail adresses are also welcome so that I can contact the authors):

1) A reference to a morphological study
2) A short abstract (250 words) of the study with the methodology
and type of data description
3) The intention to place the morphological data on a website

Morphological studies may contain these type of data:

1) MASS AND ROTATIONAL INERTIA of segments, and centers of gravity
(only in combination with muscle data).

2) GEOMETRY DATA: coordinates of muscle and ligament attachment
sites, joint rotation centers, muscle moment arms, bony contours,
bony landmarks, etc.

3) MUSCLE DATA: muscle length, fiber length, tendon length, volume,
PCSA, pennation angle, fiber type, etc., needed to obtain parameters
for a muscle model.

I hope that we can count on the co-operation of you all. I will keep
BIOMCH-L informed on the progress of the website.

Frans van der Helm

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