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Stephen Haake
05-15-1997, 02:23 AM
Dear All,

The ISEA web page now has a 'Jobs Vacant/Jobs Wanted' section. This
applies to those looking for jobs as well as those with vacancies to fill.

If you have a Sports Engineering type vacancy (be it a job or studentship)
to fill then please send details including a contact name and address and
closing date using no more than 350 words to:- A.Staley@sheffield.ac.uk
(Amanda Staley).

If you are looking for a job or studentship then please send a short
description of your expertise and qualifications plus contact details in NO
MORE THAN 250 words to:- A.staley@sheffield.ac.uk (Amanda Staley).

Your advert will be placed on the web page within 2 weeks of receipt.

The web page is available at


(Apologies for the complicated address. This will be updated soon.)


Steve Haake

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