View Full Version : Question to Peak system users

05-16-1997, 11:02 PM

I am trying to find out which camera types are suitable for use
with the Peak system. This is to avoid buying very expensive
cameras, for semi-fixed lab use.

Points to mention are
1- Cameras should have Gen-lock facility
2- Lab space is limited in width.

Would all Peak users advise as to types of cameras and lenses please.

An additional question concerns the use of very small and conventional
sized markers in the same experiment. Some of the cameras will have to
zoom-in onto the small markers (1 cm OD) with relatively short spacing
(1.5 cm), while other cameras acquire images from a distance suitable to
capture frontal view of the Trunk & lower limbs.
In processing and computing marker trajectories, the errors may be
acceptable for conventional sized markers, but for small markers errors
may be large and digitisation difficult.

Since the flexibility of the Peak that allows capture and digitisation of
each view separately would it be possible to use two calibration volumes and
frames simultaneously ?. One would be the conventional frame and the other
a miniature version.
Any thoughts or experiences ?

I will post a summary.

Hamid Rassoulian