View Full Version : joystick substitute

Sylvain Grenier
05-20-1997, 12:19 AM
I have a question regarding the Ariel Performance Analysis System.
I am currently digitizing 3D trials. I have to do much of it by hand,
since the autodig function is not working all that well. This means
spending many hours with my hand on the mouse; I wonder if it is possible
to substitute this with a joystick. (The mouse is killing my forearm).
The reason I think this may be possible is that all mouse related
functions are labelled as "joystick" in the software, however I have been
unable to get it to work. I have attempted to contact Ariel but have
gotten no response.
If anyone knows how or has done it, my wrist would appreciate you help.
Thanks very much.

Sylvain Grenier
Biomechanics Lab
U. Ottawa, Canada