View Full Version : EMG surface electrodes

Gabor Barton
05-21-1997, 01:07 AM
Dear readers,

In our gait lab as a part of clinical gait analysis I record surface EMG of
children between ages of 5 to 18. I have difficulties finding the best
disposable self-adhesive passive surface electrodes. I tried small
electrodes but they don't adhere well having only a narrow adhesive collar.
The larger electrodes stick well, but the inter-electrode distance is too
much (46mm) which increases cross talk. Could you please share your
experience with me, if you have any contact addresses of manufacturers in
the UK I would be grateful.
Thanks for your help, please reply to my email address, I will post a

Dr. Gabor Barton
Manager, Gait Analysis Laboratory
Alder Hey Children's Hospital
Liverpool, UK