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Kim Parker
05-21-1997, 03:21 AM
I apologize for my delay in posting this summary.
Thank-you to everyone who replied. I am currently testing some of
the suggested electrodes and I will post a summary of the results.

Suggested disposable pellet electrodes:

-Blue sensor EMG disposable electordes (Noraxon USA)
-Biotrace bio-adhesive neonatal ECG electrodes
(MSB Ltd.) - still looking for N.American distributor
-Blue sensordisposable electrodes -neonatal size
(Medicotest Marketing Inc, USA)
-3M red dot electrodes - infant size

If anyone has any other suggestions please pass on the information.

Kim Parker
Gait Laboratory
Bloorview MacMillan Centre, Toronto, Ont.

my original posting:

>We are experiencing problems with our current Medi-Trace pellet
>disposable electrodes in that they are not adhesive enough and
>contact with the skin in lost frequently. Please pass on any
>information you have both positive and negative regarding your
>experiences with various electrodes to myself and I will post a

the replies:

Date: Tue, 06 May 1997 08:11:19 +1000
From: Richard Smith
To: Kim Parker
Subject: Re: pellet electrodes


Only to confirm your experiences. Not so much with the lack of adhesion but
the lack of skin contact. We add a drop pf epectrode gel to each electrode
before applying it and after a few minutes to soak in it works well. The
resistance drops from many tens of thousands to under 10k.



We have been using the Blue Sensor EMG disposable electrodes from Noraxon
USA, exclusively. The adhesive properties are excellent, and we have
not had a problem with any of them falling off. Hope this helps.

- Mitch

Mitchell L. Cordova MA, ATC
Ph.D Candidate - Biomechanics
Dept. of Health Promotion & Human Performance
The University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio 43606 USA


I use Biotrace bio-adhesive neonatal ECG electrodes (MSB Ltd.)in
my work. I study muscle fatigue in adult subjects. Sometimes the
I use Biotrace bio-adhesive neonatal ECG electrodes (MSB Ltd.)in
my work. I study muscle fatigue in adult subjects. Sometimes the
electrodes are not adhesive enough, especially if the subject is
sweaty. We have found that by using a tape, such as Hypafix (Smith
and Nephew), we can secure the electrodes onto the subject. Cut
the tape into a section approx 6cm by 3cm, and then remove a
circle from the mid section of the tape (like a wart plaster!).
Place the tape completely over the electrode, allowing the contact
to show through the gap. This will secure the electrode into place.

I hope that this will be of some use to you. I look forward to
reading your summary.

Kirsty J. Bennie

Department of Anatomy
Southwell Street
Department of Anatomy
Southwell Street
Tel. +44 (0117) 9288792
Email: K.J.Bennie@bristol.ac.uk


Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 14:59:06 -0300 (ADT)
From: Cheryl L Kozey
To: Kim Parker
Subject: Re: pellet electrodes

Hi Kim, We have also been experiencing difficulties with the Medi-trace
pellet electrodes. The new shipment we received appears to have very good
adhesive properties and in fact they hold vey well. We have had problems
however, with the electrodes and it appears to have been related to the
electrode gel pad, but we are not sure. We had to discard an entire box
which had either the gel pad dried or discoloured (they were replaced of
course). However it was very time consuming and frustrating to try and
identify what the problem was, since we had just obtained a new EMG
system as well. The effect was a poor quality signal or no signal. We
have been very careful over the past 6 to 8 months, but occationally run
into an electrode or two that we have to discard. If you find another
similar size electrode that has better performance I would be please to
know about it. Thanks Cheryl Kozey



You might try Medicotest, blue sensor disposable electrodes, type
N-00-S (neonatal size). Medicotest Marketing Inc, USA 314-458-0358

We have used these for children and adults and have not experienced
loss of adhesion problems. We have also been able to trim the collar
when investigating small muscles and again have not had problems with
adhesion. However it is important not to press the centre of the
electrode during application as this can cause the gell to squeeze
toward the perimeter and I suspect, would cause adhesion problems as
well as reducing the gel concentration at the skin/pellet interface.

Good luck,

"Reaction Time is the Mother of all Measures"

J. Greg Anson PhD
Chair, Kinesiology Group
School of Physical Education
POB 56, Dunedin

ph (3) 479-8388 FAX (3) 479-8309


Dear Kim

We also changed from Medi-trace electrodes as we experienced
considerable trouble with the pellet electrodes deteriorating and very
high impedance levels, despite being "new" and not past the used by
date. After a search we now use 3M infant or pediatric electrodes. As
they are designed for children they are much smaller than the standard
3M adult "Red dot" electrodes but have the same interface as the
Medi-trace electrodes. If you need further information of suppliers etc
please let me know.

Julie Steele
Department of Biomedical Science
University of Wollongong
Northfields Ave
Wollongong NSW 2522