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Raymond So Si
05-25-1997, 09:38 PM
Thanks for all the reply regarding my question posted last week on training in high altitude, who are

Carl Foster
Stephen Ferguson
Geroge Parrott
Martha Jack

In summary, all the reply indicated that the drop of maximal HR and Lactate is not uncommon.

Moreover, I would like to take this opportunity to further my question to seek for more of your professional advice.

In one high altitude training, we had a team of three cyclists and all of them experienced the drop in maximum HR during the initial phase of the acclimatization. Only one of them maintain the drop in maximum HR and lactate throughout the 4 weeks training while the other two could train at their original maximum HR (sea level) in less than two weeks. We had tried to recalibrate training at altitude based on his lactate response as Rexma suggested, but there was not much progression could be seen. His performance was dropped also at that altitude.

My original question is as follow :

I am a Sport Physiologist and currently working with a road cyclist. We have a problem during his high altitude. His maximum HR and blood lactate attained on sea level training are 195 bpm and 19 mM, respectively. But whenever he ascent to the altitude higher than 1800m, his maximum HR would drop to 180 bpm and his maximum lactate would only be around 12 - 14 mM, even though he had been stayed at that altitude for about one month. This phenomenon have been happened 3 times. May I ask anyone to suggest the cause and solution of this problem.

Thanks for attention.

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