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Michael Liebschner
05-27-1997, 08:17 AM
Hi everyone,

we are giving away casting material for free. It can be used for embedding
specimens for mechanical testing. The special advantage of this casting
material is the low temperature at which it hardens. These components
harden around room temperature unlike for example PMMA. It allows 5 - 7
minutes handling time and is hard after 20 - 30 minutes. Wax, silicone, or
Vaseline for casting release agents can be used. The containers are still
sealed and have been stored in proper manner.

It is a two component easy to use system manufactured by:
600 Industrial Blvd.
Palmyra, WI 53156

Component 1:
Product Class: Polymeric Polyol
Product Code: S7140AS
Ingredients: Polyether Polyol (15%)
Glycol (15%)
Castor Oil (5%)
Texanol Isobutyrate (65%)
Amount: 2 gallons

Component 2:
Product Class: Aromatic Isocyanate
Product Code: S7140B
Ingredients: MDI Mixed Isomers (10%)
High Oligomers of MDI (50%)
Aromatic Diisocyanate (40%)
Amount: 1 gallon

I recommend that only people who have used this material before respond to
this message. Material Safety Data Sheets are available.

This material is FREE, but we expect you to pay the shipping costs.

For more info please contact: Michael Liebschner

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