View Full Version : Macintosh Canned Routines for BIOMECHANICAL DATA SMOOTHING

Jeff Walker
05-28-1997, 03:02 AM
Given the recent discussion on data smoothing and numerical
differentiation, It is a good time to announce that I have uploaded a
Macintosh PowerPC program on our gopher server called QuickSAND, for Quick
Smoothing And Numerical Differentiation. The program has both a (1)
slightly less flexible version of Woltring's GCVSPL package (cubic, quintic
and heptic spline smoothing and differentiation) and (2) two Fourier
methods that use an optimal Wiener filter (hopefully, the optimally
regularized fourier method will be implemented soon). The program is
completely menu driven and very simple to use.

The program and a readme file can be downloaded from my web page at


The program is freeware.


Jeff Walker

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