View Full Version : Biomechanic Transfer of Knowledge

Amy Lanigan
06-03-1997, 05:21 AM
As a former competitive swimmer, I am specifically interested in the
biomechanics of movement as it relates to elite level competition. In
general though I am wondering about how the chain of information travels
from the statistical findings in biomechanics to the practical, implemented
level. The information I received as an athlete through coaches and
scientists was often generalized or misrepresented as it filtered down.

For me visualization of a finding has always been more successful than
numerical stats. As the Internet expands the knowledge base that we have in
this field maybe graphics and visual models will become more prominent.
There's a site at http://vrml.sgi.com showing VRML (virtual reality
modeling language) worlds that I think holds a lot of potential for this
field - whether it be showing drag reduction coefficient or the geometry of
the mid-proximal femur that Paul inquired about. What though has been
peoples' experiences with getting the knowledge to the people who could
benefit most? Successes, etc... Responses greatly appreciated.

Best regards,