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Charles J. Gatt, Jr.
06-03-1997, 02:27 PM
Thanks to all who replied to the request for info on fuji film. Here are
the responses:

Try contacting Dr. Roger C. Haut of the department of Biomechanics at
Michigan State University who has worked with this stuff.

Best of luck

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It is my understanding that the reader is not very accurate/reliable.
I am not sure what type of information you are looking for.
Here are some articles that may be of help:

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I have used the Fuji pressure sensitive film quite a bit over the past 12
years, and obtained it from numerous vendors over that time period (I'd
be happy to share those vendors if you'd like). I do not, however, have
any experience with the scanner, having always chosen instead to rely
on scanning Fuji stains with a flatbed scanner and performing my own
image analysis on a Macintosh. I just recently noticed the pressure
sensitive film, and the scanner, in a catalog from McMaster-Carr Supply
Company, out of Chicago, Illinois.

McMaster-Carr Supply Company
P.O. Box 4355
Chicago, IL 60680-4355
(630) 833-0300 e-mail:

I mention this because it is my first experience seeing the product listed
in a general supply catalog, and McMaster-Carr is a vendor routinely
used by many hospitals and universities in the U.S.

Regards, Don Anderson

p.s. Catalog 103, p. 385, item# 31705Kxx (where xx varies according to
specific range of film; 11-15 and is 72 for pc-based film scanner).

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Fuji film is available from:
Inteque Resources Corporation
1 Bridge Plaza, Suite 250
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
tel: 201-461-9737
fax: 201-585-2150

Quantitation of the film stains can be readily and more accurately
determined (compared with the film reader) using standard image analysis
software to analyze a digital image of stain. As a start, you may want to
refer to the following articles:

Singerman et al. (1987), Quantitation of Pressure Sensitive Film Using
Digital Image Scanning. Experimental Mechanics 27:99-105.

Hale and Brown (1992), Contact Stress Gradient Detection Limits of
Pressensor Film. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 114:352-357.

Good luck!

Joe Hale
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We have a Fuji Prescale Densitometer (Model FPD201) in our laboratory. It
has collected dust for some time (though it's safely packaged). I am not
in a position to make decisions regarding its fate, but it may be possible
for me to let you have or at least use this device for the duration of your
study. We don't have much in the way of documentation, and the device may
or may not even work - I have never used it personally nor witnessed it
functioning. However, if you have a difficult time finding a vendor for
this product, or if it turns out to be prohibitively expensive, then don't
hesitate to contact me and I'll see what I can do to help.


Anthony J. Petrella, M.S.
University of Pittsburgh | petrella@sprite.me.pitt.edu
Biomechanics Laboratory | Department of Mechanical Engineering
Musculoskeletal Research Center | Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery
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Info on Fuji film
Call Jeffrey Stark at Sensor Products Inc. (SPI).
24 Castle Ridge Park, East Hanover NJ 07936-3547
Tel. (201)884-1755
FAX (201) 884-1699

Thank you for your inquiry. I will send a page from our catalog to the
address you provided. We currently show pressure recording film in our
catalog with psi ratings from 28-85 at $56.71 per foot to 7,100-18,500 at
$22.83 per foot. We also sell a color chart which helps to determine
pressure magnitude, as well as a PC-based scanner. Hopefully the catalog
page will provide the information
you are interested in.


Shannon Small
McMaster-Carr Supply Co.
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I do not know where you are located. Therefore, I do not
know if "my" dealer here in Germany is of any help for you.
Here is the address anyway:

Tiedemann & Betz Gmbh&Co
Triftstr. 28
D-82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Phone: (..49) 8821-3068 fax -3922

From my point of view, the "reader" you referred to is
only suitable for industrial applications where you have
an equal pressure distribution across the surface. I reads
the pressure only in a small (but probably not exactly
defined) area. We have used a digital image analysis system
but you could also use a scanner with appropriate resolution
(depending on your application).

Contact Adrian Liggins, PhD at the Shriners Hospital in Shreveport, LA,
USA; He has had a great deal of experience using Fuji pressure film, and
I am quite sure he could supply you with the information you need. His
email was aliggins@julian.uwo.ca, I am not sure if it has changed since
his move from Canada.
Good luck!
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