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Clayton Gable, Asst. Prof.,dept. Of Physical Therapy
12-16-1991, 08:37 PM
Hello fellow Biomch-lers,

My inquiry concerns any experience which some of our
readership may have had with clinical and/or research measures of
standing balance. We (Univ. of Central Arkansas) are investigating
the purchase of a standing balance measurement system.
While we have the expertise here to build a system, the time
requirements for such an undertaking are prohibitive. Therefore,
we would appreciate any !!! information which some of the Biomch-l
membership could offer concerning a commercially available
standing balance measurement system.
The major specifics that I am interested in would be the
Availability of source code to modify either the data
collection or the display.
Diagrams concerning the hardware.
Versatility (i.e., clinical, educational and research

Thanks for your assistance, in advance.

Clayton D. Gable
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR 72032
(501) 450-5545
Internet: claytong@vm1.uca.edu