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Andrew Karduna
06-08-1997, 12:30 AM
I am posting the following job announcement for a colleague.
Please respond directly to him and not to me.

- Andrew Karduna

Advertisement Physical Therapist for Motion Analysis Laboratory

St Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, PA is initiating
a new Motion Analysis Laboratory and is in search of a Pediatric
Physical Therapy with Ph.D. background. The laboratory is equipped
with a six camera Vicon 370 system, with force plates. An
disciplinary team consisting of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeons,
Therapists, Prothetist and Orthotists, as well as computer technician
and engineer will be assembled to fully man this lab.

The goals of the Motion Analysis Laboratory at St. Christopher's
Hospital for Children is both clinical and research in nature. St.
Christopher’s Hospital for Children is a general children's hospital
with a rapidly growing pediatric orthopaedic service. Over the past
two years, the orthopaedic staff has grown to five full time staff
physicians as well as two nurse clinicians. The patients served are
from the Delaware Valley with referrals from the regions Mid-Atlantic
states and provide the entire spectrum of clinical problems in children
and adolescents. A large percentage of our patients have
neuromuscular problems, the most common being cerebral palsy. The
Motion Analysis Laboratory would serve as a means of objective
documentation of patients preoperatively and postoperatively as well
as in the evaluation of non-operative treatment

The responsibilities of this position include me preparation,
implementation and analysis of motion analysis studies, the
development of protocols and clinical assessment and teaching
responsibilities within the section of pediatric orthopaedics and the
Department of Physical Therapy of the Allegheny University for
Health Sciences. In addition, this individual would serve as a Local
resource for therapists and referring physicians throughout the
Delaware Valley.

Professional relationships will be strengthened by close affiliation with
the Department of Physical Therapy of the College of Allied Health
Science of Allegheny University of Health Sciences. We anticipated
that graduate students in the physical therapy programs as well as
engineering students from Drexel University would be available as
resources for research activity. A dual appointment the Department of
Physical Therapy at the Allegheny University of Health Sciences
would allow for professional contact and interchange. A second Vicon
Motion Analysis laboratory exists within the Allegheny University
health system at the Center City Campus. This laboratory is dedicated
to adult problems, but would allow for professional interaction

Candidates for this position should have a professional degree in
physical therapy, including a Ph.D. and a background in pediatrics,
preferably neuromuscular disease, gait analysis technique, including
kinetics and eletromyographic data collection and the interpretation of
normal and pathologic gait. Salary and benefits are competitive and
based on previous work experience and education. Interested
applicants should forward a statement of purpose and their resume to
Peter D. Pizzutillo, M.D., Medical Director of the Motion Analysis
Laboratory, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Front Street and
Erie Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19134.