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06-09-1997, 02:01 AM
Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Orthopedics

The research assistant will support ongoing laboratory and clinical investigations at the Spinal Disorders Research Laboratory. Current investigations include: developing and testing new non-invasive methods to quantify intervertebral motions; quantitative anatomical, kinematic, and surgical planning studies of the cervical spine and sacrum; evaluation of 3D visualization techniques in assessing and treating spinal disorders; mechanical testing of spinal instrumentation; in vivo measurements of vertebral motion and loads using external fixation; development of new implants. The research assistant will work with the Director of Research, staff orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic residents, orthopedic fellows, and industrial collaborators. Responsibilities will include: image processing; data analysis; design, construction and use of mechanical testing systems; maintaining laboratory notebooks; writing technical reports; and communicating with academic, clinical and industrial collaborators. A Master's degree in a biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science or related field is preferred. A Bachelor's degree with at least 3 years experience is acceptable. Salary will be based on skills, experience, and education.

John A. Hipp, Ph.D.
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