View Full Version : Optical properties of bone

Roxane Chia-chi Chan
06-09-1997, 06:30 AM
Dear all,
I am a masters student interested in the optical properties of bone. I
have searched medline, science citation index, and current
contents for information on the absorption, scattering, total attenuation,
effective attuation and/or anisotropy coefficients of cortical and
cancellous bone (ie femur, tibia), but have found very little information.
I am interested in the optical properties for determining the depth of
penetration of laser light in bone in vivo (to measure bone perfusion).
So far I have found:

Notzli et al (1989) Laser Doppler Flowmetry for bone blood flow
measurements: helium-neon laser light attenuation and depth of perfusion
assessment, J Orthop Res

Kent et al (1983) Changes in optical properties of the inorganic and
organic bone matrix components in fractured neck of femur, J Bone-Br

Walker RA (1983) The role of femoral cortical thickness and multiple site
sampling of radiographic optical density in the determination of bone loss
and skeletal age-at-depth, Am J P Anth

Firbank et al (1993) Measurement of the optical properties of the skull in
the wavelength range 650-950 nm, Physics in Medicine and Biology

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your
help. I will post a summary of the replies.