View Full Version : Biomechanis of the Face, Skull, Neck, Eyes..

Wilbur Streett
06-10-1997, 01:06 AM
Hi, I've been lurking for almost 2 years looking for information the
biomechanics of the face, including the mulsculature, etc. I'm
implementing a software model of the face and I'm looking to make it based
on the biomechanics of the face rather than the other models that have been
used in the past.

If anyone has any information or reference they can forward me on:

the musculature of the face
the properties of the skin in the face
the depth of skin in various places around the face
the other muscles of the skull
data of the skull itself (and Jaw)
information on the eyes, mouth, tongue, jaw
the neck including spinal structure, musculature, and tendon/ligaments

I'd really appreciate it and I'll summarize the responses to the list.


Putting a Human Face On Technology ;-)