View Full Version : 3D-segment data of a running person

unknown user
12-17-1991, 10:25 PM
The prediction of effects of shoe-properties on the gait of a running person,
is the title of my masters degree project, done at the TNO Centre for Leather
and Shoe Research (Waalwijk, the Netherlands). One of the goals of this
project is to accomplish a successful coupling between a segment model (the
human body as a multi-body system) and a finite element model (the shoe). Who
can help me to provide the segment model (eight segments: HAT, pelvis, left
and right femur, left and right tibia, left and right foot) with kinematic
input-data (segment-rotations, -translations).

Cor Verwaaijen (Student Technical Physics, University of Enschede)

TNO Centre for Leather and Shoe Research
P.O. Box 135 Tel: 04160-33255
5140 AC Waalwijk Fax: 04160-41735
The Netherlands E-mail: lange@TNO.NL

P.S. Who can tell me something about a computer-simulated 'learning-process'
for muscleforce-time relations, given a certain model and movement? For
example the minimizing function for convergence.