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Julie Commager
06-11-1997, 03:40 AM
I would like to hear from any labs which analyze gait, as well as, upper
extremity motions such as reaching and hand movement tasks. We are in
the process of setting up a new lab and would like to keep camera movement
at a minimum. Is it possible to have a general camera setup that could be
used for all, or most, movement applications. What do others do when faced
with a variety of projects? There is concern that if we fix the cameras
we will lose flexibility of the lab space. On the other hand, if they are
not fixed and are continually moved around by the students we will have
a calibration nightmare as well as potential dammage. Any help will be
greatly appreciated. By the way we have a Motion Analysis Corp. 3D HiRes
system if this has any bearings on your response.

Julie Commager
Lab Coordinator
Motion Analysis Lab
Medical College of Ohio