View Full Version : Re: Kinematics of diving into a pool

Janet Jiang
06-11-1997, 08:56 AM
> Does anyone know of any studies investigating the kinematics of diving
> (into a pool), looking at joint position and velocities, center of
> gravity, ground reaction forces and muscular activity of the lower
> extremity? Any references would be very helpful.

Hi, Dr. Pollo I am glad that you are interested in this field. I used to
be a assistant professor in China National Research Institute of Sports
Sciences. One of my researches was focused on diving techniques by
biomechanical methods. I hold the kinematics data of two times Olympic
Champion Gao Min's diving performance. I am not sure what kind of data you
want. Could you explain to me in detail. I will do what I can help you. I
am leaving for Florida this weekend. I will present my diving research for
all of American diving coaches during the training camp. It will be held
by U.S. Diving on June 12,- June 15.

Qian Jiang(Visiting Scholar)
Health, Wellness and Exercise Sciences
University of Nevada, Reno