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Leonid Freidovich
06-15-1997, 11:09 PM
Dear Members!

My name is Konstantin Kotliar. I am on Ph.D. program in
Saint-Petersburg State Technical University
(Department of Theoretical Mechanics).

My field of interest includes problems of Biomechanics of an Eye,
particularly, problems of Biomechanical Modeling in Eye
Accommodation and Intraocular Pressure Regulation.
I have some experience in mathematical modeling . I have also some
publications in Russian mechanical, biomedical and ophthalmological
If anyone is interested in these topics, please contact me.

Besides I seek a graduate teaching assistantship in one of USA
universities. If any of you can help me with this, I would greatly
appreciate it. For instance any information about a professor who
works in like fields and wishes to supervise a graduate student
would be extremely helpful.

Thank you so much for you attention.