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Watelain Eric
06-16-1997, 05:42 PM
I apologize for my delay in posting this summary.
Thank-you to everyone who replied.

My message was:

I am a french PhD student under taking a study of human gait. I am looking
for a device in order to identify the precise instant of heel strike, foot
flat, heel off and foot off in the human gait cycle. This device must be
attached to the foot with and without shoes and it must be synchronesed with
classic optoelectronic system.

Thanks again,
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Dear Eric

You might like to try Force Sensitive Resistors, which are available
as circular pads. Speak to your local electronics department. We
have used them and I can provide you with more details if you require
them. You could easily tape them to the underside of the heel.



I just finished a project looking at shin splints and pronation. I used
ZForce sensitiv resistors placed on the heel to denote heel strike and heel
off. They are thin and do not interfere with subjects' normal gait. The mode;
i used was a 1/2" circle model #402 from Interlink Electronics 546 Flynn Rd.
Camarillo CA, 93012. Phone 805-484-1331. They cost under $5 each and i reused
them for several subjects each with about 10 minutes of treadmill running per


On BIOMCH-L you were looking for a device which measures the phases of
gait. I was involved in developing such a system (we called it MOTAN). For
details get in touch with Dr. Tracey Howe (Tracey.Howe@tees.ac.uk).

I have spoken with others in the past who have had similar needs. If you
are unable to find a readily available device we would be happy to work
with you to make one. We have fabricated many devices for human
performance studies an I am sure we could accomplish your goals.

From: "Dwight H. Hector" Dhector@worldnet.att.net