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Douglas J Maxwell
06-17-1997, 09:36 PM
Dear list members

We are using functional electrical stimulation (FES) to improve the walking
of patients with incomplete spinal cord lesions. The patients will be
"marginal walkers" and the aim is to improve their walking ability. This
is a multi-centre study and we require to establish common outcome measures
to be used at all centres.

In addition to measuring walking speed, distance walked and other temporal
parameters of gait we would like to evaluate more qualitative improvements
in their gait.

The patient s gait will be recorded on video in both sagittal and frontal
planes, both with and without the FES system. We would like to score the
gait deviations present using an expert (physiotherapist). Our intention
is to constrain this scoring by defining gait deviations and qualitatively
recording their magnitudes.

I am wary of creating a new method for this kind of assessment when there
may be instruments available with established validity and reliability. Is
anyone aware of existing methods for the repeated assessment of gait from
video records?

Thanks for your time,

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