J Middleton
06-18-1997, 01:08 AM

The first issue of this new journal, edited by John Middleton
(University of Wales Swansea, UK) and Nigel Shrive (University of
Calgary, Canada) has recently been published.

Editorial Board: S.Arnoczky, J.M.Crolet, J.H. Heegaard, S.J.
Hollister, R. Huiskes, M.L.Jones, I.Knets, A. McCulloch, A. Natali, C.
Oomens, T.M.Peters, B.R.Simon, R.L.Spilker, G.Steven, R.Summers,
K.Tanne, D.Taylor, A. Toni.

Contents of the first issue:

* A Numerical Simulation of the Diffusion of Near Infrared Light Through
Brain Tissue: N.P. Weatherill and J. West

* Quantification of Bone Microarchitecture with the Structure Model
Index: Tor Hildebrand and Peter Ruegsegger

* Mixed and Penalty Finite Element Methods for the Nonlinear Behaviour of
Biphasic Soft Tissues in Finite Deformation: Part 1 - Alternate
Formulations: E. Almeida and R.L. Spilker

* Adaption Models of Anisotropic Bone:
A. Terrier, R.L. Rakotomanana, R.N. Ramaniraka and P.F. Leyvraz

* Strain Concentrations Surrounding an Ellipsoid Model of Lacunae and
Osteocytes: B.R. McCreadie and S.J. Hollister

If you are interested in submitting a paper or short communication
to the journal (see aims and scope below), then please contact the
journal editors. Also news items and topics for the Journal diary
are welcome.

John Middleton - j.middleton@swansea.ac.uk
Nigel Shrive - shrive@acs.ucalgary.ca

Alternatively, if you are interested in subscribing to the journal,
wish to receive a free sample copy, or have any other queries, please
contact Rebecca Stubbs (rebecca.stubbs@gbhap.com) for further

Forthcoming issues will include:

* Diarthrodial Joints - Kinematic Pairs, Mechanisms or Flexible
Structures? J.J. O'Connor, T. -W. Lu, J. Feikes and A. Leardini

* C/C++ Coding for Matrix Pseudo Inverses in Clinical Near Infrared
Spectroscopy: R.E. Gagnon and A.J. Macnab.

* Mixed and Penalty Finite Element Models for the Nonlinear Behaviour
of Biphasic Soft tissues in finite Deformation: Part 2 - Nonlinear
Examples: E. Almeida and R. L. Spilker

Aims and Scope of the Journal

The prime aims of the journal are to provide a means of communicating
the advances and innovations being made in the areas of biomechanics
and biomedical engineering and to stimulate interest in the
continually emerging computer based technologies which are being
applied in these multidisciplinary subjects. The journal will also
provide a focus on the importance of integrating the disciplines of
engineering with medical technology and clinical expertise. Suggested
topics are mechanical response of bone and bone/tissue/implant
analysis, modelling of biomaterials, material identification, human
body impact, computer-assisted surgery, surgical simulation, computer
animation and medical imaging. Dental mechanics, biofluids,
cardiovascular mechanics, soft-tissue modelling and joint/ligament
mechanics are also topics of primary importance.

Please note that colour plates will be printed free of charge,
submission on disk is welcome and also author-supplied animation of
30 seconds duration can be accepted.
John Middleton Dept of Civil Eng/Biomedical Eng
Engineering Building, University of Wales Swansea
Swansea, UK. Tel. 01792(295514) Fax.(295676)