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06-18-1997, 08:26 AM
On 18 Jun 97 at 12:36, Douglas J Maxwell wrote:

> The patient s gait will be recorded on video in both sagittal and frontal
> planes, both with and without the FES system. We would like to score the
> gait deviations present using an expert (physiotherapist). Our intention
> is to constrain this scoring by defining gait deviations and qualitatively
> recording their magnitudes.
> I am wary of creating a new method for this kind of assessment when there
> may be instruments available with established validity and reliability. Is
> anyone aware of existing methods for the repeated assessment of gait from
> video records?


Take a look The Observer / Video Analysis System. This may be the
tool you are looking for. A description can be found on web page

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