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Marilyn Powers
06-20-1997, 02:47 AM
I am in the process of making our camera positions permanent in our gait
lab here. We also have Motion Analysis cameras. We have 4 cameras that we
set up in a umbrella shape on one side of the walk way. We set up the
cameras to include the entire field of view in which we are interested.
For us that include the force plate and one heel strike to either side of
it. Things to consider with the cameras are: The cameras work best if the
tilt is kept level (meaning the lense grid is lined up with the room). As
well, the wand callibration is very dependent on the camera positions.
What we did was set the cameras up and try various trials to see what
worked best. We found that fairly easily yesterday and now we're about to
mount the cameras on wall mounts that have vertical and radius adjustment.

If you have any more questions or would like any clarification on what I
said above, feel free to email me back.

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