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Matt Wesendunk
06-27-1997, 06:35 PM
hi all

please answer the following questions as best you can please give any advise
that you may think of

I would really appreciate some information on the following topics

I have had two major injuries to my shoulder and after some time still am
experiencing pain, discomfort and instability

I have taking a great interest in anatomy and kinesiology and was sure to be a
competitive college athlete if it weren't for these injuries.

I even spent part of a semester in college a couple semesters ago as an
assistant trainer

I am still in college and would hopefully like to compete in some sort of
athletics again some where in the future, college or not. To put it simply I
really want to get these injuries diagnosed and treated correctly

I have been dealing with a money grubbing HMO and to tell you the truth its
scares me how much or should I say how little they care about their patients. I
refuse to give up and just do what my doctors tell advice me to do.
Which simply is that I am not a pro athlete and you don't make your living with
your body so just live with it

How do they know I could have had a chance to be a pro athlete, heck when I was
17 years old I was benching 300 lbs.

I have experienced two separate injuries. First I fell of my bike with my arm
stretched out in front of me I subluxed my left shoulder and had that fixed
after about a year and a half of begging them to do some thing. During this
injury I felt a very sharp pain through out my upper back shoulder girdle
region. The area near my scapula was really sore and painful for a good year
To this day it still hurts and is no where close to operating and moving
correcting . my shoulder blade sticks out to the side whenever I try to do pull
down. I personally think I ripped my rhomboid or injured in some way that needs
more progressive treatment then doing reverse flys and pull downs,
Which by the Way aren't helping much. Is it possible that this could have
happened it is very frustrating and even bothers me when I drive my car
The second injury that I experienced is a grade three separated shoulder. After
another 1 ? to 2 year wait my HMO finally decided to do something about it.
They ended up whacking the end off my collarbone off.
They couldn't even bother pining it like they promised me.
I still sticks up a good inch and makes the little weight lifting that I can do
very unenjoyable

To wrap it up is this normal, can it be done again with a more favorable out
come. Is there any hope that someday there will be an artificial replacement
for the AC JOINT.

Eagerly awaiting your reply