View Full Version : Quantitative anatomy without CT, MRI?

Stephen Ferguson
06-30-1997, 01:46 AM
Dear Biomech'ers

I am considering different methods to look at the anatomy of a
hip joint, initially for descriptive purposes, but ultimately for FE
model generation including soft and hard tissue. Several studies have
been published for using CT data to reconstruct bone geometry, as well
as MRI data for soft tissues. Also, there have been several studies
using photographs of serial cryosections (e.g. Rausching's spine work,
the Visible Human project) to describe anatomy.

Does anyone have experience with using standard histological techniques
(fixing, MMA embedding, slicing, staining) for anatomy studies? Of
course the bone geometry is preserved, but how much shrinkage would one
expect in the soft tissues of a hip joint (ie. cartilage layers,
joint capsule, acetabular labrum)? An advantage of using such
a technique would seem to be the high contrast afforded by
specific stains that have different chemical interactions with
the various structures. Also, the image resolution could be much
higher than with MRI, limited only by the resolution of the imaging
equipment, such as a digital camera.

Any and all opinions/advice are appreciated.
Thank you,

Stephen Ferguson
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