View Full Version : where to buy Fuji Film?

Kevin Deluzio
06-30-1997, 10:25 PM
I am posting this for a colleague who does not subscribe to Biomech_l.
Please reply directly to him at the email listed below.

please reply to Rad Zdero
email: zdero@me.queensu.ca

Greetings all
I am looking to buy a small quantity of pressure sensitive prescale
Fuji Film. Because it is fairly expensive ($ 600 US/roll), and I do not need
such a large quantity, I would like to purchase a few feet only from an
individual, research group or lab who would be willing to sell. I am
interested in the highest sensitivity grade of fuji film, i.e. having the
lowest pressure threshold possible ~ 25 psi (0.2 Mpa), to give me maximum
contact areas.
Is anyone able to assist me in my quest?

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