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Zbigniew Waskiewicz
07-01-1997, 09:11 PM
Dear biomch-l members,
I would like to ask anyone to whom it may concern about programmes of
kinesiology existing in schools where the physiotherapists study.
I am a teacher of Motor Control and I have to create a programme of
KINESIOLOGY for students of physiotherapy in my academy. Kinesiology
consists from 3 courses (26 hours per 2, and 13 per 1 course) and
students acquire 3 credits for them.
Please help me with finding some interesting information.
I really appreciate all your help.

Dr Zbigniew Waskiewicz
Academy of Physical Education
Department of Motor Behaviour
Poland, 40-065 Katowice
72A Mikolowska Street
e-mail: waskie@oin.awf.katowice.edu.pl