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07-02-1997, 04:28 AM
Hello, I'm a Ph.D. student focusing on Orthopaedic Biomechanics. My
research entails modeling flatfoot versus normal-foot versus
reconstructed-flatfoot, biomechanically.

My question is such. How well of an approximation (percent-wise) are
in-situ cadaver models for replicating in-vivo surgical procedures? How do
in-vivo responses to a surgical procedure affect the biomechanics of that
structure? For example, I will be performing Tendon Transfers and Triple
Arthrodeses on cadavers. There normally is an in-vivo swelling response
after surgery. How would this alter the local biomechanics of the foot
that will not be present in a cadaver?

None of my literature searches have lead to a plausible answer, or a
well-educated percent estimate. If you have first-hand knowledge, or know
of a paper discussing this issue, please forward a message to me.

Thank you.
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