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Kevin Semeniuk
07-04-1997, 06:38 AM
Hello recipients of Biomech-l,

My name is Kevin Semeniuk and I am a graduate student at the
University of Ottawa. My reason for writing this message is that I am
looking for companies, in Canada or the United States, which sell light
gates (or photocells or timing gates). Since I am writing this, you
probably can tell that I haven't had much luck. I am in need of a pair of
light gates to set up in the laboratory for when I start testing my thesis
looking at different walking speeds. The gates will allow for instant
feedback regarding the speed which the subjects are travelling at. Also,
the gates may be used outdoors so a telemetry component may be required as
well. So if anyone knows of any phone numbers or e-mail addresses of
companies to send me it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in

e-mail: s603963@aix1.uottawa.ca