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Robert Hintermeister
07-07-1997, 02:10 AM
Two weeks ago we posted:

Biomech-L members,
We are looking for descriptive information about the ground reaction forces
of dogs (preferably hind limb) while walking (or running) or information
regarding DVM listings similar to the BIOMECH-l where this information may

PS - Horse GRF information is also welcome.

Here are the replies to our original posting.

1) Check the works of C. Richard Taylor, who is now deceased, at the
Harvard Laboratory of Comparative Zoology. Loads of work here on running
animals including dogs and horses.

Dwight H. Hector
2) There's a guy in the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who has been studying same for some time.
He has a dog gait lab! I visited his lab for a couple of days several years
ago. Wish I had the name but it escapes me right now. If you can't find it,
I'll search further. Good luck.

John Trimble, Ph.D.
3) David Carrier (carrier@biology.utah.edu) has recent data from dogs
accelerating. You might want to contact him.

Devin Jindrich
4) Some of the horse info is in Equine Veterinary Journal, which is not in
traditional medline. We do both dogs and horses here at Tufts, but others
do quite a bit more. The pro's at ground reaction forces in dogs would be
Jim Tomlinson at Univ. Missouri (Tomlinson@vets.vetmed.missouri.edu), or
Steve Budsberg at Univ. Georgia (voice 706-542-6460).
I hope this helps.

Karl H. Kraus DVM
Associate Professor of surgery
Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine
5) When I was a master's student here, Gideon Ariel and a cybernetics
doctoral student were walking/running cats across a force plate. There was
a very interesting paper published, I think in the J Exp Biol, 1939 by a
guy named Manter. He built a force plate using a series of rubber bands. If
you've never seen this article, you must. It's a gas.

I think the doctoral student's name was Ruth Maulucci (spelling)? They
published an abstract in the Neural Control of Locomotion proceedings,
Plenum Press, about 1975.

Gary Kamen, Ph.D.
Department of Exercise Science
Totman 160A kamen@excsci.umass.edu
University of Massachusetts Tel: 413.545.0784
Amherst, MA 01003 FAX: 413.545.2906
6) Check these references out:

PA Manley, R Vanderby Jr, S Dogan, SS Kohles, AA McBeath. "A Ground
Reaction Force Comparison of Canine Cemented and Cementless Total Hip
Replacement," Clinical Biomechanics, 5:199-204, 1990.

S Dogan, PA Manley, R Vanderby Jr, SS Kohles, LM Hartman, AA McBeath.
"Canine Intersegmental Hip Joint Forces and Moments Before and After
Cemented Total Hip Replacement," Journal of Biomechanics, 24(8):397-407,

Sean S. Kohles, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor
Dept. of Exercise and Movement Science
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1240 USA
7) Try contacting Charles Decamp at Michigan State University Veterinary
school. He has conducted tests on both dogs and horses.

Jim Patton, Northwestern University Biomedical Engineering Doctoral
Candidate 645 N michigan Ave, Suite 1100, Chicago, IL 60611
(312)908-6785office (312)908-0741FAX (708)861-9194pager j-patton@nwu.edu

8) In regards to your dog GRF posting, you may want to give Paul Rumpf and
Steve Kincaid a call at Auburn University. They've got an AMTI plate built
into a runway across which they walk and run various types of dogs. I'm
sure they have GRF data, and should have joint kinematic and kinetic data
as well.

Paul: (334)844-6743
Steve: (334)844-6738

Good luck,

George Miller
Peak Performance Technologies, Inc.
7388 South Revere Parkway, Suite 601
Englewood, Colorado 80112 USA
Ph: 303-799-8686 Fax: 303-799-8690
E-Mail: gmiller@peakperform.com
WWW: http://www.peakperform.com

Thanks to all who responded.

Michael R. Torry, Ph.D.
Steadman-Hawkins Sports Med. Foundation
Vail, CO 81657

Steadman Hawwkins Sports Medicine Foundation
181 West Meadow Drive, Suite 1000
Vail, CO 81657
P: 970-479-9797
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