View Full Version : pec tear during a 10RM bench press

J.b. Boren
07-07-1997, 05:43 AM
I agree with Greg Hart on two counts: that a pec tear in a 10RM
exercise is extremely unlikey, and that if one does occur, the end of
the set would provide a better opportunity than the beginning.

Statistically speaking, all factors held constant, the final rep
would be the most likely to result in a muscle tear. If the
probability of a tear on any given rep is (I'm making this number up
by way of example) 0.0005, then the probability of a tear on the 5th
rep would be 0.0025, and the 10th rep 0.005, etc. However, most of
us would agree that "all other factors" are rarely held constant.

The most likely scenario for a pec tear in a 10RM exercise would be
if there were an underlying muscle pathology, in which the tear would
probably occur either randomly or on the first rep. (This agrees
with the earlier posting, but for a different reason; if there is
an underlying pathology, a warm-up would not be beneficial).

If anyone can supply me with the actual probability of a muscle tear
of the pec while performing a bench press exercise, I will be glad to
write a Monte Carlo simulation to give a scenario on the likelyhood
of a tear on any given rep.

J. B. Boren, Ph. D.
Director of Sports Medicine and Exercise Science
Missouri Baptist College
St. Louis