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Scott Heavner
07-08-1997, 08:10 AM
Look at http://www.kin.ucalgary.ca/isb/software/, there are two
contributed packages (one in C and one for Matlab) which can be used to
compute the DLT parameters and then apply them for 3D reconstruction.

The comments in Woltring's code contain references which you
could look up to find out more about the DLT.

On Tue, Jul 08, 1997 at 03:00:37PM -0400, Aurele Larrive wrote:
> I am trying to create a computer program for Direct Linear
> Transformation; I need to solve for the 9 elements of the rotation matrix
> that transforms the coordinate points of anatomical markers from global
> (laboratory reference frame)to local (camera reference frame) coordinates.
> This rotation matrix is a key step in solving for the colinearity condition
> of photogrammetry in biomechanics, and I need some help to find it.

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