View Full Version : private review and public debate

Herman J. Woltring
01-13-1992, 09:24 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Further to Stevan Harnad's recent posting, I'd like to state that this type
of manuscript reviewing is an attractive way of speeding up and making more
public the peer review process of the published literature.

Even traditional review procedures make increasing use of this channel: a few
days ago, I received a manuscript for review after having been approached by
email; an anonymized abstract had been provided with the request. Returning
the review in TeX or LaTeX by email was encouraged.

Last year, I submitted a manuscript for publication which has now also been
stored on the Biomch-L LISTSERVer; I have asked some individual colleagues
to retrieve it and to comment upon it. Especially those who have access
to LaTeX are welcome to retrieve the LaTeX input ASCII file by sending the
one-line request


an email note (Subject: line is irrelevant), or interactively (BITNET only).

LaTeX and TeX are text processing packages on mainframes and PC's which are
quite popular in research circles, particularly Mathematics and Computer
Science; see Leslie Lamport, LaTeX -- a Document Preparation System, Addison-
Wesley, Reading, MA/USA 1986; see also list TEX-NL@HEARN.BITNET or its
Internet equivalent TEX-NL@NIC.SURFNET.NL .

I hope that this initiative may serve as another example how email forums
can be used. If others among you have a manuscript either already submitted
for publication or about to do so, please feel free to post your intentions
on the list, or consult any of the list moderators. You may either opt for
sending (email versions of) your manuscript to individual repliers, or ask
the list moderators to store your manuscript (plain ASCII only!) onto the
LISTSERVer for a limited time (for practical reasons, at their discretion).

Comments on the initiative per se are welcome, too.

With kind regards -- Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL

P.S. The manuscript is entitled "3-D Attitude Representation: a Standardiza-
tion Proposal". Since the topic has been discussed a few times on Biomch-L,
and since the manuscript is easily retrieved and (formulae/pictures apart)
can be read even without LaTeX, it is not necessary to include its abstract
here. Since it is a manuscript under traditional review, it may not be
quoted or referenced in the published, hard-copy literature. However, I
would be grateful for comments, either privately or posted; furthermore, I
hope that it will be used in the `grey literature' (internal reports, theses,
etc.) and to receive copies of such material.