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07-10-1997, 05:26 AM
A small start-up company contacted me recently interested in learning what
has and can be done in the scientific study of seat vibration. They have
developed what they consider to be a superior seat for bicycles, trucks,
motorcycles, etc. and would like to know what we know about foam and gel
seats. I think that they might be interested in sponsoring some research on
their seat.

I did not find any similar question in the BIOMECH-L archives. If you have
personal knowledge on such topics, or if you have literature or a person
that you would recommend, please let me know. I will post a summary of the
results on BIOMECH-L and will also share this summary with the interested
small company.

Thanks - Glenn Fleisig, Ph.D.

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From: kunz@trace.wisc.edu (David N. Kunz)
Subject: Re: Seat vibration

Try the Vermont Back Research Center at the University of Vermont in Burlington.

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From: Martha Jack
To: asmi
Subject: Re: Seat vibration

My dissertation is entitled "Distribution of Cycling-Induced Saddle
Stresses." The purpose was to determine the force distribution on 3
different bicycle saddle shapes. I am currently unemployed and seeking a
biomechanics position west of the Mississippi River.

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