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Betty Troy
07-10-1997, 05:36 AM
Hello All:

We are searching for goniometers to be used to measure hip, knee, and ankle
angles during gait and functional tasks (along with video motion analysis
and accelerometry). Can anyone offer me any advice or experiences (ie,
accuracy, ease of attachment, how it was chosen?) with particular
goniometric systems which are commercially available in measurement of
joint angles in the lower limb?

I have browsed the BIOMCH-L archives. Many listings were on the Penny &
Giles flexible goniometers & I've received information from the company.
Experiences of others with the system are still welcome.

Also, any advice on attatchment methods/innovative adaptations of
goniometers would be appreciated as well.

Betty Troy, MSBME
Biomedical Engineer

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Health Care System
RR&D Center
Palo Alto, CA