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Herman J. Woltring
01-15-1992, 09:16 PM

12th International Symposium on BIOTELEMETRY

31 August -- 5 September 1992

Department of Electronics and Automatics
Faculty of Engineering, University of Ancona
Via Brecce Biance (Monte d'Ago)
I - 60 131 ANCONA, Italy

Tel. +39(71)2204 843, Fax +39(71)898 246
Email ISOB@ANVAX2.CINECA.IT (EUnet/Internet)

Secretary-General: Dr. Sandro Fioretti



Ambulatory Patient Monitoring
Biotelemetry in Rehabilitation
Domestic Animal Telemetry
Implant Telemetry and Stimulation
Intensive Care Telemetry
Long Term Monitoring
Occupational and Sport Medicine
Pacemaker Control and Monitoring
Perinatal Monitoring
Telemetry in Agriculture
Telemetry in Medicine
Underground Telemetry
Wild Animal Tracking and Telemetry


Computer Assisted Telemetry
Data Processing of Telemetry Signals
Model Identification and System Control
New Design in Biotelemetry
New Technologies in Biotelemetry
Optical Techniques (visible and infrared)
Satellite Telemetry
Ultrasonic Telemetry


Dates: Monday, August 31 -- Saturday, September 5, 1992

Monday 14:30 - 19:30 Registration
18:00 - 19:30 Welcome party

Tuesday - Friday Conference programme, with social
activities foreseen on all evenings

Saturday 09:00 - 10:00 Plenary Poster Discussion
10:00 - 11:00 Round Table
11:30 - 12:30 Assembly of I.S.O.B. Members
12:30 - 13:30 Farewell Party

Site: Faculty of Engineering, University of Ancona

Travelling: There are evening flights every day from Milan and Rome to
Ancona, and early morning flights from Ancona to Milan and
Rome on all days. There are hourly train connections between
Ancona and Milan via Bologna, and less frequent connections
between Ancona and Rome; both take about 4 hours. By car,
Ancona is 200 km from Rome, 450 km from Milan and 290 km from
Bologna (all Autostrada / Motoring highway, most of which are
tollways). A modern train connection was opened recently from
Rome airport to downtown Rome (taxi to Rome Central Station is
needed, though); in Milan, a taxi is needed from the airport
to the central station.

Language: English

Oral Presentation:

The time available for each paper is 15', discussion included, in plenary
assembly. A projector for standard slides mounted in 50 mm x 50 mm frames
and an overhead projector will be available. VCR and computer animation
must be negotiated and agreed upon in advance with the Secretary-General.

Poster Session:

For each poster a board of 1.5 x 1.5 metres is available. Posters have to
be prepared on Tuesday morning (September 1st) for a formal opening to the
public in the afternoon. The poster rooms will be accessible for informal
presentation in the subsequent days. For each poster topic a chairman
will be appointed for synthesizing its most relevant aspects during the
Saturday morning Poster Session (September 5th).


Space for promotion, commercial and scientific exhibitions is available.
Those interested can contact the Secretary-General for further details.


FORM I for participant registration can be obtained from the Secretary-General
at the above address. Rates are as follows:

Full participation Before May 31 After May 31
ISOB-member Lit 500,000 Lit 600,000
Non-Members Lit 520,000 Lit 620,000
Students: Lit 160,000 Lit 200,000
Accompanying persons Lit 240,000 Lit 300,000
Excursion and Dinner Lit 70,000 Lit 90,000 (at registration desk)

Student Residence Accomodation (per person) Lit 12,500

An excursion to the Frasassi Caves (Fabriano) with dinner in a typical
restaurant is foreseen on September 2; the program can be modified if a
minimum of 40 participants is not reached.

Notes to the participants

1) It is strongly recommended to include at least one rapid communication
address: facsimile or e-mail or telex.
2) In case of hotel reservation, the check-in and check-out dates must be
clearly indicated on FORM I (in the printed brochure). Otherwise no
reservation can be made by the Symposium organization.
3) FORM I together with the bank receipt must be sent to the Secretary-
General by Airmail / Special Delivery at the above address.

Further details are contained in the printed brochure, obtainable from the
Secretary-General at the above address.



1. Abstract and application form (FORM II - appended) should reach the
secretariate *not later than February 28, 1992*, preferably by e-mail.
2. After review and befor April 15, 1992 the authors will be notified
of paper acceptance with instructions for publication in the Symposium

Instructions for Abstract

1. The abstract and paper for the proceedings must be original and
2. The abstract and paper must be in English.
3. The abstract should contain the specific objectives, methods, results
and conclusions.
4. The abstract must range from a minimum of 1500 to a maximum of 2500
characters and will contain in sequence: title, authors with affiliation,
text, keywords, speaker's name with complete address. Special symbols,
references, formulae or pictures are not allowed.
5. The authors should indicate the preferred type of presentation, oral or
poster, on FORM II.
6. The abstract and FORM II can be sent by mail of by facsimile to the
Secretary General. A computer copy, in a *text-only* format, must also
be issued to the Secretary-General via one of the two computer mailboxes
of the symposium, or by sending a text-only file on a 3.5" magnetic disk
(MS-DOS or Macintosh compatible).

After the program is finalized, the Secretariat will inform the participants
of the type of presentation (poster or oral) with relative time and date.

Abstract and Proceedings

1. The abstract accepted for presentation will be published in the Conference
Abstract Book and distributed to all participants in the Symposium.
2. The paper presented in the Symposium will be published in the Proceedings
of the XII-th International Symposium on Biotelemetry after the Symposium.
3. Authors of accepted abstracts will receive the instructions for prepara-
tion of the papers to be published in the Proceedings.
4. Papers must be delivered at the registration desk during the Conference.


President: C.J. Amlaner - Fayetteville, AK, USA
Vice-President: F. Crenner - Strasbourg, France
Secretary: H.J.B. IJsenbrandt - Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Treasurer: R. Sch"ar - Bern, Switzerland
Meeting co-ordinator: H.P. Kimmich - Z"urich, Switzerland


Symposium Chairperson: P. Mancini - Ancona, Italy

Organizing Committee:
R. Bedini - Italy H.P. Kimmich - Switzerland
F. Crenner - France V. Macellari - Italy

Programme Committee:
C.J. Amlaner - USA A. Santic - Yugoslavia
P. Arndal - Denmark G. Sch"acke - Germany
M.B. Jansen - Netherlands F. Schober - Austria
H.P. Kimmich - Switzerland M. Soma - Japan
S. Salmons - U.K. M. Taillade - France
W. Sansen - Belgium F. Voegeli - Canada

Italian Committee:

T. Leo - Ancona V. Macellari - Rome

R. Bedini - Pisa D. Franch - Pisa
W. Bencivelli - Pisa G. Maracchi - Florence
A. Biagini - Pisa C. Marchesi - Florence
M. Bracale - Naples P. Palatini - Padua
S. Cerutti - Milan F. Papi - Florence
D. De Rossi - Pisa P. Russo - Ancona

M.L. Corradini - Ancona G. Palagi - Pisa
C. Cristalli - Ancona E. Pisani - Ancona

Symposium Service Organization: Cooperativa Interlingua srl - Pesano
Official Bank: Cassa di Risparmio di Resi - Ancona

Secretary General: S. Fioretti - Ancona


Application for Paper Presentation
Deadline: February 28, 1992

Last Name ____________________ First Name ______________________ Title _____

Address __________________________________________________ ___________________

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

City __________________________ Postal Code ___________ State/Country _______

Phone _________________________ Fax ___________________ Telex _______________

E-mail address __________________________________________________ ____________

Affiliation __________________________________________________ _______________

Title of Paper __________________________________________________ ____________

Authors __________________________________________________ ___________________

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

Speaker's name __________________________________________________ ____________

Preferred presentation: Oral ___________________ Poster ______________
Computer file: Internet _______________ DECnet ______________
Enclosed Magnetic Disk: MS-DOS _________________ Macintosh ___________

For those who do not have access to electronic mail, please send FORM II and
the Abstract to the above address (by Airmail / Special Delivery). The Ab-
stract must then be delivered both on paper and on a 3.5" magnetic disk with
a file written in a text-only format (MS-DOS or Macintosh compatible). In
that case, the following line should also be completed:

Abstract attached ____________ Signature ______________ Date ________________

P.S. It is advisable to back up your email submission by a regularly mailed
paper text of your FORM II and Abstract -- HJW.