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Mike Whittle
01-16-1992, 03:25 AM
Dear Biomch-l Subscribers:

I would appreciate some help from those involved in running gait labs in the
Unites States, with the thorny issue of malpractice insurance.

I will shortly be opening a gait lab as a joint venture between my university
and a local hospital. While working in the lab as part of my university
duties, I am covered for malpractice by the university's insurance policy.
However, this does not cover any "clinical" gait analysis done purely as a
service to patients within the hospital. The hospital's insurers say they will
not provide insurance cover for this activity, even if I were on the staff of
the hospital (which I am not).

I would appreciate input on how other people cope with this apparent problem,
including names of insurance companies who would provide such cover (and some
idea of the cost). Although I have a British medical degree, I am not licenced
to practice medicine in the USA, and any reports I write would be as a PhD
bioengineer, not as a medical doctor. Please reply to me privately, if you
don't want the whole biomehcanics community to know how you handle such

With thanks,

Mike Whittle
Cline Chair of Rehabilitation Technology
The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN 37403, USA

EMAIL: mwhittle@utcvm.bitnet Phone: +1-615-755-4046 Fax: +1-615-755-4132