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Christopher Johnston
07-22-1997, 10:47 PM
Dear listers,
I would appreciate help in a problem we have with our horse data. I
understand that horses may not be the may source of information, but I think
the problem may be similar in humans.

During the propulsion phase of the stance the foot or hoof of the horse
rotates ca. 2cm into a compliant surface. What would I expect to be the
difference in movement of the horse on a hard surface? No answer yet.
I have tried to search for references on this in the human literature but
have not been successful, can anyone help me or have a guestimate on these

Can the foot in humans rotate into a surface?
Would we expect a greater ability to create a propulsive force?
How might this change stride length and stance time?
What might happen to the moment about the foot joint and knee joint?

My guestimate is the following:
The foot will rotate in compliant surfaces and create a greater propulsive
force. The time of contact of the foot will increase and the net moment
about the foot joint will shift in time due to the greater horizontal
Am I totally wrong....?

Thanks for the help
Chris Johnston
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