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Kevin Bender
07-24-1997, 10:50 PM

You may want to try the following for `design' limits:

U.S. Military Standard: MIL-STD 1472D

Diffrient, TIlley & Bardagy. 1980 "Humanscale" Cambridge,
Massachusetts: The MIT Press.

For correction from maximum:

- Eastman Kodak (1986) recommends that freq. exertions should not exceed
20% of weaker worker's strength
- Humanscale (1980) recommends 66% MVC for force application without
- Putz-Anderson (1988), Grandjean (1988) rec. occasional exertions
should not exceed 50% MVC

Feel free to contact me directly if you need full references.

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Patrick Garrett wrote:
> to: Biomch-L@nic.surfnet.nl
> I have been searching the literature for force production limits of the
> upper extremity, specifically related to operating controls with the hands
> and fingers. After searching the Biomch-L archives, I have two requests:
> 1) Does anyone have any study results, book references, or journal articles
> which report maximum hand and finger strengths for tasks OTHER than gripping or
> pinching with the wrist in a neutral (straight) posture? There are probably
> hundreds of studies on pinch and grip forces, but what about pushing buttons or
> levers and twisting knobs or finger wheels while the wrist posture varies? I
> am looking for these limits for various ages, genders, and global populations.
> 2) Any suggestions or citations for converting maximum efforts to
> "comfortable" or "preferred" efforts? Not necessarily magnitudes which can
> be comfortably sustained for long periods of time, but efforts which could be
> as infrequent as two or three times a day.
> Any input is much appreciated and could save me from running countless
> studies to determine comfortable efforts in a multitude of postures!
> Thanks in advance for your replies, and I will try to post a summary of
> replies.
> Regards,
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