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Alfred Zommers
07-27-1997, 08:36 PM
A lite late summer issue (July-Aug) of Sportscience News and other new
items has just been uploaded to the Sportscience website. Visit us at
http://www.sportsci.org for all this new material...

SPORTSCIENCE NEWS: an article on the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and
Science, which is coming to sportsci.org; two ACSM conference reports;
Web publishing by academics; and the Moving Together newsletter, which
includes new sites for Medline, learning about the Net, and sports

RESEARCH RESOURCES: a guide on creating and publishing Web pages, based
on Claris HomePage 2; guidelines on scientific style and writing
literature reviews; updated stats resource for researchers.

TRAINING & TECHNOLOGY: an update on Strength Shoes.

NET LINKS: completely revisited, revised, and reorganized.

NET SEARCH: a new page for searching for images on the Web; links to new
free sites for searching the Medline database.

Plus all the existing material on these and our other pages: FORUM for
messages on the sportscience list, and JOURNAL for the framework of a
new journal devoted to human performance.

We need more high-profile researchers, productive younger researchers,
and computer-wise graduates to help with the development of the
Sportscience site. Please contact editor@sportsci.org.

Will Hopkins
for the Sportscience website team