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Hein Daanen
01-19-1992, 07:46 PM
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The Fifth International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics

Maastricht, The Netherlands, November 2-6, 1992

Aims and Scope
This conference provides an opportunity for scientists and
students from different disciplines within the large area of
Environmental Ergonomics to meet and exchange ideas. It also
aims at improving the contacts between science and industry.
The conference will address problems associated with human
activity under stressful environmental conditions. Both basic
and applied papers are welcome.

Format of the meeting
Both invited and submitted papers will be included in the
program. Submitted papers will be considered for either
plenary or poster presentation. Two afternoons will be solely
dedicated to poster presentations, including both individual
discussion next to the poster and public discussion in
parallel sessions.
The meeting starts on Sunday November 1, 1992 with the open-
ing reception and will end on Friday November 6 around 1 pm.

(assisted by the Steering Committee for formation of the
International Society for Environmental Ergonomics)
Wouter A. Lotens and George Havenith
TNO-Institute for Perception,
Soesterberg, The Netherlands

Program committee
Dick Allen, APRE, Farnborough, England.
Victor Candas, CNRS, Strasbourg, France.
John Frimm, DCIEM, Toronto, Canada.
Ingvar Holmer, Inst. Occup. Health, Solna, Sweden.
Raija Ilmarinen, Inst. Occup. Health, Helsinki, Finland.
Elizabeth McCullough, Kansas State Univ., Manhattan, USA.
Igor Mekjavic, Simon Fraser Univ., Burnaby, Canada.
Sally Nunnely, School Aerospace Medicine, San Antonio, USA.
Nigel Taylor, Univ. of Wollongong, Australia.
Yutaka Tochihara, Inst. Public Health, Tokyo, Japan.
Juergen Werner, Ruhr Univ., Bochum, Germany.
Eugene Wissler, Univ. Texas, Austin, USA.

The conference will focus on the human with regards to:

* Applied physiology, including thermal, circulatory and
respiratory strain;
* Protection against environmental hazards;

* Design and evaluation of clothing and equipment;
* Work and survival in adverse environments;

* Health risks at work and personnel/risk management;
* Tolerance and performance related to physiological and
physical strain;
* Test methods and standards, with special reference to
relevance for actual conditions;
* Aspects of clothing comfort;

* Computer modelling approaches to environmental ergono-
* Technology transfer between science and industry.

The conference language will be English.
Approximately 70% of the population in the Maastricht area
speaks English and often also French or German. Thus also
outside of the conference communication should be no problem.

Timetable for participants
January 15: Preliminary registration with proposals for paper
or poster. Based on these proposals a preliminary program
will be composed.
February 15: Second announcement with call for 2 page mini
April 15: Deadline for two page mini paper for conference
proceedings. Based on these mini papers, the final program
and selections for posters/oral presentations will be made.
July 15: Final program.

Hotel and final registration information will be sent out
with the second and final announcements.

A book of refereed papers is currently under consideration.
Authors of selected mini-papers may be invited to submit full
papers for this purpose.

Contact address
The contact address for the scientific part of the conference
Fifth Int. Conf. on Environmental Ergonomics
TNO-Institute for Perception
attn. George Havenith/Wouter Lotens
P.O.Box 23
3769 ZG Soesterberg
Phone: +31-3463-56211 (Havenith or Lotens)
Fax: +31-3463-53977
E-mail: fifth-ee@izf.tno.nl

Conference site
The conference will be held in the city of Maastricht in the
southern Netherlands. Maastricht, known since the Roman Era,
has a long history under different rulers before becoming
part of the Netherlands in 1815. The city's atmosphere
reflects this past with beautiful architecture. It is well
known for elegant shopping, dining and nightlife. Maastricht
is easily accessible through Amsterdam, Brussels or Cologne
airports and is close to Germany, Belgium and France for over
land access.
The conference will be held at two locations in the centre of
the city. Most Hotels will be in walking distance.

Social program
The social program will include a welcoming reception, a
conference dinner, and a visit to some of the highlights of
the Maastricht area. Delegates and accompanying persons are
welcome at all events. Maastricht and surroundings also
provide ample opportunity for sightseeing on your own. Assis-
tance for the planning of trips will be available at the con-
ference desk.

Weather in november in the Netherlands is usually cool (5-
15 degrees Celsius), with occasional mild or wet days.

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Preliminary registration form
(to be returned before january 15 1992)

Last name:_______________________________________

First name:___________________ Title:____________


Mailing address:_________________________________


Country:_______________ Phone:___________________

Fax:_______________ Email:_______________________

Please send me the second announcement
and registration form [ ]

I intend to visit the conference [ ]

I prefer to give an oral presentation [ ]

I prefer to present a poster [ ]

The title of my proposed paper is:___________________________________________

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

The essence of what I learned from this study ( and didn't
know before) is (in maximally 30 words):

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

__________________________________________________ ___________________________

__________________________________________________ ___________________________


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You can return the preliminary registration form (or request for information)
by email or regular mail to the contact address