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Rd&d Human Resources
08-01-1997, 09:20 AM
Dear subcribers,

A few months ago NIKE posted a job announcement for a Sr. RD&D Researcher.
Since then the job has had a few changes. Below, you will find the
responsibilities and qualifications that reflect the new changes. For
those of you who applied previously, we still have your information on
file, so you do not need to resubmit it unless there are changes in your

If you are planning on attending the ISB conference in Tokyo, Japan, the
position will be posted there on the bulletin board and a representative
of the NIKE SPORTS RESEARCH LAB will be present to answer any questions.

Sr. RD&D Researcher

Conduct a program of research for footwear products that seeks potential
business opportunities and provides scientific design/development data in
one or more of the following areas: functional anatomy, human
biomechanics, mechanical or human factors engineering. Write and present reports and
articles outlining research methodology and test results on NIKE products.
Develop innovative scientific research concepts and testing protocols to
evaluate athletes' footwear needs and sports' requirements.

Ph.D. or equivalent in one of the following areas: human biomechanics,
mechanical engineering or human factors engineering with a minimum of
three years research experience in an RD&D or accredited environment.

To apply, please send or fax a resume and cover letter to:

NSRL Recruiter
NIKE, Inc.
One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453
(503)671-6066-- Fax

NIKE employs opportunity equally.