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Dr. Guy Simoneau
08-04-1997, 02:01 AM
Marquette University's Department of Engineering is offering a graduate
research assistantship available September 1, 1997 (a January 1, 1998,
starting date would be considered).

The student selected for this assistantship will be participating in a
research project investigating the ergonomics of computer keyboards. More
specifically, Marquette researchers are investigating wrist kinematics and
forearm musculature electromyographic activity (EMG) for various keyboard/
work station configurations. This research is being sponsored by the Office
Ergonomics Research Committee, which is composed of several computer and
office equipment manufacturers. The project is a collaborative effort
involving the Departments of Engineering and Physical Therapy at Marquette

- B.S. in Mechanical, Industrial, Biomedical or Civil Engineering
- Ability to work independently
- Strong work ethic
- Self-motivation, eagerness to learn

- Monthly stipend
- Paid tuition for full-time graduate student status in the Dept. of
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Marquette University.
- The opportunity to establish professional contacts with employees from
various computer manufacturers
- The opportunity to conduct research in physical ergonomics

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Richard Marklin
Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Marquette University
(414) 288-3622

or Dr. Guy Simoneau at the address below.

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